Testimonials From Paper Calculator Users

Friesens has long been a steward to our environment and is proud to be a power user of the Paper Calculator, a valuable eco-tool that helps Friesens educate and empower our customers and their consumers in terms of their own environmental stewardship and practices.

Protecting the environment is everyone’s business.

Curwin Friesen, CEO
Friesens Corporation

Office Depot has an environmental strategy to increasingly buy green, be green and sell green. The paper calculator is a tool we regularly use to validate the environmental benefits of our choices as we buy recycled products for our own use; and sell recycled products to our customers. It is a tool that simplifies the complexity of lifecycle thinking – and provides a tangible way to articulate environmental impacts reduced through greener purchasing.

Yalmaz Siddiqui, Director, Environmental Strategy
Office Depot

We use the Paper Calculator to demonstrate the environmental benefits of using less paper, or converting from virgin paper to post-consumer content paper. Our customers have found the information valuable when determining choices and measuring environmental impacts.

Sue Mills, Director of Environmental Practices

The Paper Calculator has been a great tool for Nick Magazine!

We've used it to share the beneficial environmental impacts of our recycled paper use with our advertisers, and to gain support for more recycled paper use within our group. The savings numbers really resonate with people and drive home the advantages of recycled paper.

Jennifer Alt, Production Manager
Nickelodeon Magazine Group

NRDC has a long history of working with businesses and other organizations to help reduce the environmental impacts of their operations and events, from major corporations to professional sports teams to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The Paper Calculator has been extremely helpful to us in this work, by showing these organizations how their paper purchasing decisions can result in concrete environmental benefits.

Darby Hoover, Senior Resource Specialist
Natural Resources Defense Council

The Paper Calculator has been an instrumental tool at Starbucks, providing us with a consistent, verified, third-party lifecycle assessment of the impacts of our paper buying practices.

When we introduced the country's first ever post-consumer fiber paper hot cup, our use of the Paper Calculator provided Starbucks with the ability to make valid claims around the environmental benefits of that investment.

Since then, the Paper Calculator has become our standard tool for vetting the attributes of our sustainability claims around paper procurement.

Jim Hanna, Director of Environmental Affairs
Starbucks Coffee Company

Staples uses the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator as a highly credible tool to help our customers better understand the environmental impacts of efficient use of the paper they purchase.

The tool is easy to use and provides customers with environmental metrics which are relevant and easy to understand.

Mark Buckley, Vice President of Environmental Affairs

The Paper Calculator is an intelligent, flexible and comprehensive tool which has helped Dell identify and quantify significant internal environmental savings opportunities and assisted the company's green focus.

The tool also allows us to convey to Dell stakeholders and customers our commitment to the environment by striving to source as much post consumer content as possible.

Tod Arbogast, Director
Dell Sustainable Business

We use the Paper Calculator to compare papers all the time. It makes the environmental case so clear, and it's easy to profile papers and see big differences between them.

Susan Kinsella, Executive Director